When learning something new, it can be hard to decide what tools you’ll need to get started.

The good news?

While there is no end to gadgets, tools, yarns and websites dedicated to crochet, you actually don’t need a whole lot to get started. In fact, many crocheters learn the hard way that they’ve spent money on things that are not a good fit, or that they just won’t use.

Here, we’re sharing an outline of crochet tools that any absolute beginner can start with! And then, as you grow your crochet knowledge and skill, you can add to and refine your crochet tool kit and yarn supply with confidence:

Crochet Hooks

You do need at least one hook to crochet, so we recommend starting with an economical set that offers a range of sizes. When using crochet hooks, consider how the hook feels in your hand, and how comfortable you are with the following aspects:

  • Material: Wood, metal plastic (we suggest metal)
  • Handle: Long, short (how you hold your hook will determine a comfortable style)
  • Grip: Additions that make the handler wider (larger handles / grips can be more comfortable to hold)
  • Head: Blunt, sharp (you might have a preference after you try both)
  • Groove: In-line, tapered (you might have a preference after you try both)

This set of 9 crochet hooks from Knit Picks is inexpensive, metal, and they have a comfy grip!

Knit Picks Bright Crochet Hooks Set - Click Here!


Yarn can be overwhelming, especially since each type has so many characteristics to consider: weight, fiber, color, construction, and feel (just to name a few).

When you’re an absolute beginner, you’re still learning to crochet (including what you will enjoy making most). You might wonder if you should begin a stock-pile of yarn, but that may not serve you well.

Instead, here are a few yarn types you can begin with, and some pattern suggestions to try each one:

Brava Worsted: Worsted weight 4 yarns are thicker choices that are easy to see and use. Start with an option that is 100% acrylic, which means it’s an economical choice that’s easy to care for and great for a wide variety of projects.

Brava Worsted Yarn - Click Here!

Here are some pattern suggestions: https://ravel.me/xfx1kf

Dishie: Worsted weight 4 yarn is great for beginners because it’s a mid-range thickness. This is 100% cotton, which helps you to get a feel for stiffer fibers as you make function items.

Dishie Yarn - Click Here!

Here are some pattern suggestions: https://ravel.me/mg1l12

Stitch Markers

Using stitch markers when you crochet, especially as you’re learning, is essential! These help to do many things, including:

  • Mark the top of your first stitch in each row
  • Mark the top of your last stitch in each row (no more adding / skipping at the ends)
  • Holding your place
  • Marking complicated stitch and row repeats
  • Counting stitch and row multiples

We recommend using something that is easy to apply and remove to your crochet work, and these locking stitch markers are colorful and inexpensive:

Locking Stitch Markers - Click Here!

While you can shop for hooks, yarn and notions anywhere you’re comfortable, we felt Knit Picks was a great place to get all your essentials in one place, and at a reasonable price!

Are you an absolute beginner in crochet? Please let us know in the comments today, especially if you have any questions!

Peace + Love + Crochet


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