Celebrating 5 Years of Crochet Education with the American Crochet Association

Crochet is increasingly becoming a part of education. Waldorf schools teach crochet to children as young as kindergarten and then use the tasks and skills of crochet to teach them other lessons (such as math and problem solving.) At the university level, a number of people are researching and writing academic papers about the health benefits of crochet, crochet as a form of activism, and other cutting-edge aspects of the craft. But, to date, you can’t actually go to college and get a degree in crochet. Enter the American Crochet Association. For the past five years, this organization has offered a unique set of lesson plans that will truly broaden your knowledge and skill in the beautiful craft of crochet, and offer certificates of completion!

How Did You Learn to Crochet?

Think back to how you learned to crochet. Chances are that it was one of the following ways:

  • Your mother, grandmother, or aunt taught you the basics as a child.
  • A friend taught you as a teen or adult.
  • You took a class at your local yarn shop or library.
  • Thanks to YouTube and other online channels, you taught yourself.
  • You learned, or supplemented learning, with books and/or classes at craft fairs.

Those are all great ways to learn the basics. But what if there was a better way? Most of those teachers weren’t professionals. They probably knew a lot about how to crochet and perhaps not as much about the right way to teach someone else. If you could have gone to a professional teacher to get one-on-one instruction through a curriculum that would give you everything that you need to know about the craft, would you have?

“Even though I have been crocheting for 47 years (and counting), I find the courses interesting and enlightening. Since I'm mostly self-taught, a lot of my knowledge and experience is intuitive and informal. American Crochet Association has helped me to define that knowledge and therefore makes me more confident of what I know.” - Hinda Ader, Facebook reviews

What Would You Do With A Crochet Education?

Now, let’s imagine that you are that teacher. Perhaps you’ve taught the basics to a few friends, your children, or some folks in your local community, Maybe you’ve created some blog posts or YouTube tutorials to show others what you love so much about crochet. What if you could take it further? What if you could get an education in how to teach this craft you love to others?

If you had the option to get professional training in crochet, what would you do with it? Perhaps you would teach more people, get paid to teach crochet, or share online lessons with your knowledge. Or perhaps you’re more interested in learning how to design and sell your own crochet patterns? Perhaps you’d like to do both.

This is exactly what you get with the American Crochet Association. They offer professional crochet training and business models for people who want to learn to teach the craft and/or work as professional designers.

American Crochet Association Courses

“I have been crocheting for many years. I didn’t realize there was so much more to learn until I joined the American Crochet Association. Their courses are thorough, easy to understand, professional, and include clear pictures and instructions.” - Connie Emerson, Facebook reviews

There are multiple course options with American Crochet Association, including professional-level training as well as shorter workshops and challenges. If you love crochet then give yourself the chance to see if you can make a career, or at least a side income, from it by arming yourself with these skills. These courses are all online, so you can gain the skills even during stay-at-home times like we’re experiencing in this pandemic. You’ll receive a certificate of completion for workshops and classes, which you can add to your resume.

The core curriculum includes:

  • The Learning Path, which is a 12-course bundle that fills in learning gaps most crocheters aren't even aware of; helping them to truly build their knowledge and advance their skills.
  • Crochet Instructor Training, for people who want to learn to teach the craft to others, including a full lesson plan.
  • Pattern Writing Training, for people who want to learn how to write universal patterns with confidence, and get paid to create their own original crochet designs.

Workshops include:

  • Assess and Build Skills, a four part workshop to help you get a sense of where you’re at with crochet and how to grow your skills.
  • My Crochet Career, a workshop that includes everything you need to know to make and sell what you love, avoid burnout, and earn a fair wage.
  • Pattern Launch Formula, a workshop to learn how to sell your crochet patterns
  • Ultimate Stitch Challenge, a course to help you try dozens of stitches with multiple patterns!
  • Artisan Afghan Challenge, a Crochet-a-Long that you complete at your own pace, helping to build knowledge and skill while making a fantastic project!

5 Year Birthday! A History of the ACA:

If you’re just hearing about ACA for the first time, that’s a shame because October 2020 celebrates the organization’s fifth birthday. They have a free newsletter, a blog, and a Facebook page.

“I love the fact that you have the convenience of viewing the videos when your schedule allows and that you can re-view as needed. Salena Baca speaks at a pace that is appropriate for learning, neither too fast nor too slow. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone, from beginner to experienced, who wants to learn more about crochet.” - Mary Stanton, Facebook reviews

The organization was created with a specific intention in mind and has followed a strategic growth path.

Founder Salena Baca says, “I fully knew that I wanted the ACA to become a trusted resource in the crochet world. I built and grew it carefully to provide a baseline of education that we can all point to. Crochet has always been a craft that has been passed down through the generations. This is a way to pass it down mindfully, leaving it in better hands with each successive generation.”

The organization began with the foundation of the 12-course learning path.

Salena spent a full year developing the content and another two full years testing and fine-tuning each lesson, using student feedback to perfect this part of the program. These courses are the prerequisites of any other professional development in crochet, so solidifying their content was the first goal achieved by the ACA.

Once that was accomplished, the ACA created the Crochet Instructor Training course.

Again, this was perfected over the course of a full year. Salena has experienced teaching crocheting and created the Crochet Start Up Library with Craftsy so she used that experience along with feedback from a few dozen students to make sure that this set of lessons was of the highest caliber for people who want to learn to teach crochet.

Once that was ready, the ACA launched Pattern Writing Training.

That was in early 2018, starting with just a few beta test groups. In fact, this set of lessons is still in “beta mode” today. The content and lessons are fully developed and available to students. However, in order to make sure that the lessons meet their high standards, ACA is continuing to stay open to feedback to fully develop this lesson set even further.

Salena says, “We are very intentional about what lessons, courses, and workshops we choose to publish because we want to assure that all of our resources are skill-based and actionable for lifelong learning.”


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