Ever pull your favorite shirt out of the washer and dryer, only to realize you've completely ruined it?

Yes, we've all been there.

Now, imagine that happening to your crochet projects!

Terrifying, we know!

Yarn is a material just like your clothes, and each requires a specific maintenance routine, and set of care instructions.

Here are 3 of our favorite laundry tips that you can apply to any crochet project:

1. Follow the label: Just like your favorite shirt, your yarn comes with care instructions that you can find on the ball band (label). Look here for universal care symbols with valuable information in the following categories: Washing (type, temperature, cycle), Drying (type, temperature, cycle), Bleaching (type, do/do not), and Ironing (type, do/do not).

2. Make a swatch: Before you dive into your project (blanket, sweater, hat...) make a small swatch with your yarn and follow the care instructions indicated on your yarn label. Be sure to inspect your laundered swatch after it's gone through the full care cycle to determine if any alterations should be made: is the fabric too stiff or soft, did it stretch or shrink, what does the color look like? You can even follow the complete care instructions a few times to check the endurance of your yarn, which can be very helpful for items that may need to be laundered frequently.

3. Take note: What worked best? After your swatch has gone through the complete laundry cycle, successfully, be sure to take notes about what worked best. For example, you might note that the sweater you're going to make will be best laundered with: gentle wash cycle, fabric softener, mild detergent, tumble dry on low for 15 minutes, lay flat to dry completely. These are especially important if you'll be making items for others (gifts, or for sale) so new owners will know how to care for their new crochet project with success!

After you follow these 3 laundry tips, please use these project care tags to note the material (example 100% cotton), and best care instructions (above example).

Handmade With Love - Crochet Project Care Tags

If you found this tip to be helpful, please let us know in the comments today!

Peace + Love + Crochet


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