Do you feel like your local yarn store is just for knitters?

Local Yarn Stores (or, LYS) are typically a heated topic among crocheters.


Some crocheters say they don't feel welcome, or that their craft is not served, or that they don't know enough about the yarns represented in these shop. And, some say they don't understand the prices!

What do you think?

Local yarn shops can be an awesome place for crocheters, so we're sharing 5 reasons for crocheters to visit their LYS today:

1) Get help with Ravelry: Ravelry is the place to be when you love yarn, and crochet. If you need help, most LYS will be equipped to guide you, whether you need help setting up your own free account, or navigating through the patterns and yarns listed!

2) View yarns in person: You can still find big brand commercial lines (think Rowan and Cascade), but hand made / dyed / spun yarns are exactly what you'll see in most LYS, and you can check out some of the most popular to see what all the hype is about (Malabrigo, Madelintosh, Blue Moon Fibers).

3) Learn about fibers: You can't really buy food or perfume online, so why would you buy Alpaca for the first time without touching it? Your LYS can teach you more about some of the most popular yarn fibers, and why they're awesome!

4) Get help with your project: If you're stuck on your current WIP, or you're not sure how to approach a pattern, or want to learn a special technique, your LYS may have resources for you!

5) Education and community: From workshops to lessons, and friendship to groups, your LYS is the perfect place to share your craft and make friends.

Want to hear more about this topic?

View this episode of the Yarn Life Show with our founder Salena Baca and fellow yarn boss Jess Mason of the Yarnpreneur Academy:

If you found these tips to be helpful, please let us know in the comments today!

Peace + Love + Crochet


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