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3 Things Every Crochet Instructor Should Do

When you first learned to cook, did you start with a Thanksgiving Dinner spread? No. And, if you were to teach someone to cook today, you would definitely start with a more basic approach, right? Right! This analogy is always the first thing I mention when explaining our Crochet...


Crochet Straight Seams In The Round

Whether you’re working with single crochet, half double crochet, or double crochet, working in joined rounds will leave a noticeable seam. And, sometimes these joined seams will create a very noticeable curve with every new round added. If you’re wondering why this happens, and would like...


Everything You Need To Know About Blocking Crochet

What is blocking? What should I block? How do I know what to block? What tools do I need to block? Great questions, crochet lovers! Blocking is vastly misunderstood, and rarely used in the crochet world. Knowing what questions to ask and arming yourself with some basic blocking knowledge...


Crochet Skill Levels: Which Skill Level Are You?

Have you noticed that crochet patterns are categorized by skill level? Easy, Beginner, Intermediate and Experienced. These categories are meant to show you what stitches and techniques are involved in a crochet pattern, so that you can determine what skills are needed to complete them. If...