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Introducing The Crochet Membership:

  • ALL Access to the ACA 12 Course Learning Path (everyone learns something)!
  • Exclusive challenges, patterns, events, sales and giveaways (we keep it exciting)!
  • Enjoy education without ads or gimmicks (frustration-free access)!
  • Be part of an online community with over 13,000 members (you're not alone)!
  • Get service and support from real people you can count on (we're in this together)!

Plus... all this bonus material when you start right now:

Here's what you'll get

Learning Path
Crochet library that fills in the gaps of your education - everyone learns something new!
Salena Baca
Learn How To Crochet
A Complete Guide For Absolute Beginners
Salena Baca
Crochet Skill Building
Crochet more, better, faster and with fewer mistakes!
Salena Baca
Crochet Stitch Bundle
30 Crochet Stitches, 85 video tutorials and 54 functional patterns!
Julie King
Tunisian Crochet Challenge
Everything you need to know to crochet your first Tunisian stitches and projects!
Salena Baca
Artisan Afghan Crochet Challenge
Build knowledge and skills when you crochet this fantastic blanket!
Salena Baca
Mystery Backpack Crochet Challenge
Build crochet knowledge and skills as you make a backpack!
Salena Baca
Crochet Garments With Simple Rectangles
Salena Baca
Scarfie Cardigan Crochet Challenge
Everything you need to know to make a Scarfie Cardigan!
Salena Baca
Learning Path #1: Yarn
Weights, types, colors, label reading, substitution and care!
Salena Baca
Learning Path #2: Crochet Swatches
From gauge and size, to function and feel, swatches are tools!
Salena Baca
Learning Path #3: Crochet Pattern Reading
From beginner to expert, you’ll be reading instructions and charts!
Salena Baca
Learning Path #4: Sizing Course
From afghans to socks, knowing how to size your next project is crucial!
Salena Baca
Learning Path #5: Seams & Joins
Knowing a variety of methods can really expand the projects you’ll try!
Salena Baca

Don't want to bundle or save? Here's what you'll pay separately: $211

Right now, the Crochet Membership offers:

A library to build your knowledge (your 12 Course Learning Path)

A new challenge, stitch or project to build your skills (your BONUS)

An interactive group to learn and grow with (your community)

3 Main Membership Benefits:

Community: We're in this together!

Your crochet time is valuable, so we make sure your ACA membership is too.

When you're looking for encouragement, support, or answers to your crochet questions, we can help.

Our online community has over 10,000 crocheters you can connect and network with - come join something truly amazing!

Education: Easy to follow lessons!

Our goal is to offer frustration-free resources that will help you crochet more, better, faster and with less mistakes.

That's why our one-of-a-kind Learning Path includes 48 lessons that are easy to follow, made without gimmicks or advertisements, and can be completed with your favorite device on your own time - ready to build your knowledge and skill?

Support: I'm here to help!

The ACA is more than just a strong community.

Our mission is to helping crocheters help themselves, so that crochet can be passed through the generations in better hands than we found it.

If you're looking for a clear path to build skills, start a crochet career, or just be part of an education-driven community... this Crochet Membership is for you!

Salena Baca

Founder, American Crochet Association

Meet Your Instructor

Salena Baca
Salena Baca

I learned to crochet at the age of 5 and haven't put my hook down since! I've published over 400 patterns, authored 8 crochet books (so far...), taught 2 courses with Craftsy, and launched the American Crochet Association. I currently live in Oregon with my husband, son, 2 cats and 1 dog.

  • 2009-present: Salena Baca Crochet
  • 2012-2016: Design Wars, Founder
  • 2014-2017: Happily Hooked Magazine; Content Coordinator, Director of Relations
  • 2014-2016: The Pattern Pack; Founder & Editor
  • 2015: Author
  • 2015-present: American Crochet Association; Founder & Lead Educator
  • 2016, 2018: Craftsy Instructor
  • 2018-2020: Yarnpreneur Academy; CEO / Lead Yarn Lover


Got a question that's not listed?

[email protected]

I already know how to crochet, who is this for?


If you crochet, we have a course, training or workshop just for you.

Whether you're looking become a better crocheter, or build a crochet business, we have something you can start right away and get great results.

Even if you've been crocheting "forever", you'll learn something new and helpful when you join the ACA.

Everyone does.

YouTube and Google are free, why should I give this a try?

Because there is an abundance of information on the web, you might be tired of:

  • Annoying and distracting ads that come with free resources - Exhausting!
  • Key details of patterns and tutorials that are confusing or missing - Is it you, or the pattern?
  • Scrolling through site after site and still not finding exactly what you want to know - wasting time and yarn.

Here, a crochet library (the Learning Path) is paired with a new challenge or bonus every month, making your Crochet Membership a valuable resource to help you crochet more, better, faster and with less mistakes.

I'm not ready to invest in this right now.

We understand!

In the mean time, join our free community to share your crochet projects, ask questions, make friends, learn and grow.

Community is important, and I look forward to meeting you there!

CLICK HERE to join the FREE community!

"I love the ACA! The classes are very informative - even for crocheters who think they know everything! And I love that I get rewarded with a certificate for passing the lessons!

- Courtney Knorr-Warriner, ACA member since 2015

"I have truly enjoyed taking the courses by the American Crochet Association. I have been crocheting for 5 year before I found the ACA and they have taught me so much more than just crochet stitches. I highly recommend taking the Learning Path course and becoming an ACA member. Such a great community. Thank you American Crochet Association!

- Monica Mercado, ACA member

“Even though I have been crocheting for 47 years (and counting), I find the courses interesting and enlightening. Since I'm mostly self-taught, a lot of my knowledge and experience is intuitive and informal. American Crochet Association has helped me to define that knowledge and therefore makes me more confident of what I know.”

- Hinda Ader, Facebook reviews

"I have been crocheting for many years. I didn’t realize there was so much more to learn until I joined the American Crochet Association. Their courses are thorough, easy to understand, professional, and include clear pictures and instructions. I’m very happy I joined the ACA. My crochet has definitely improved since I started applying the concepts I’ve learned from the ACA!"

- Connie E., ACA member since July 2016

“I love the fact that you have the convenience of viewing the videos when your schedule allows and that you can re-view as needed. Salena Baca speaks at a pace that is appropriate for learning, neither too fast nor too slow. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone, from beginner to experienced, who wants to learn more about crochet.”

- Mary Stanton, Facebook reviews

"Oh gosh. I just love the ACA. Every chance I get to talk about it, I do. I LOVE the new layout. For me, it's easier to stay focused. When too much information is offered at once I get easily distracted and therefore I don't retain the information as well.

I definitely feel more confident about yarn and have shared some of my newfound knowledge to other fiber artists that I know. I cannot wait for the next course to start! Thanks for all the hard work you guys do at the ACA. I just can't say enough good things about it. Proud to be an ACA member!"

- Amanda Pippin, ACA member since 2016

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