"BETA" Training

What does "BETA" testing mean?

In the context of this crochet pattern writing training program, "BETA" testing mode means that the lesson material is in a testing phase, and participants who choose to enroll while in this phase are provided early access to the materials and features.

Students who enroll are not required to provide feedback on their experience, but they are encouraged to do so in addition to reporting any issues or bugs to help improve the program before it is officially launched.

This "BETA" phase allows the American Crochet Association to identify and address potential issues before the official recording and release of this training program.

How can I participate?

  • The recommended browser is Google Chrome.
  • This training program was recorded with a live audience, and is therefore a raw and un-cut presentation of each lesson.
  • Mentions of turning homework in for instructor review is no longer available. However, students are welcome to post homework in our community if they have any questions or would like feedback.
  • This course material is still open for feedback, and is therefore marked as "BETA". Anyone enrolled in this training is encourage (and not required) to offer suggestions or feedback.
  • To get the most out of this course, follow each lecture and complete all action steps to truly build your crochet pattern writing knowledge and skills.

How can I access the final version of this training?

Once you enroll in this program, you'll not only have access to the "BETA" material as long as it is available, you'll also automatically gain access to any new formats as they become available.

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